2017-18 NFL Week 2 Winners and Losers

In a week full of underwhelming RB performances and hurt TEs, here are my winners and losers:



 Trevor Siemian

The appeal of Siemian in Fantasy leagues seems to be growing. It makes a lot of sense, as the former 7th round pick thrashed the Chargers defense on Monday, then turned around and made the Cowboys defense look like a joke. The Broncos had 7 straight 3rd down conversions against America’s Team, thanks in large part to Siemian’s play outside the pocket and his incredible field vision. His dominance showed early on, and he didn’t slow down until his team was already up 3 scores. Overall, Siemian’s respectable win over the Cowboys along with his 4 TDS made him one of the top performers of Week 2.

Tom Brady

This is one of the rare times that Brady actually deserves recognition as a Fantasy “Winner”. The GOAT is expected to always post monster numbers, but this expectation was put in question after his bad performance last week vs KC. The brief talk about Brady being too old was quickly put to rest Sunday when Tommy Boy absolutely lit up the Saints in New Orleans. The Saints never had a chance, as Brady threw for 447 yards and 3 TDS on his way to a blowout over the Saints and to being one of my “Winners” for this week.


Jay Ajayi

I had Ajayi as my “Start Em” at RB this week, and the shifty back did not disappoint. It was a relatively slow day for RBs throughout the league, but Ajayi still managed to impress, running for 122 yards and a win over a strong Chargers D-Line. I expect Ajayi to remain a reliable back all season should he stay healthy, and after his performance this week, he shows no signs of proving me wrong.

CJ Anderson

Remember when CJ Anderson was considered one of the best backs in fantasy? He sure does! Anderson used his matchup against the Cowboys to reestablish himself as a reliable RB1 instead of just a normal to subpar RB2, while also managing 2 scores in the Broncos 42-17 win on Sunday. However, Anderson’s owners should be aware of his possible decline, as 2nd year back Devontae Booker is looking to make his return to the lineup in the coming weeks. For now though, Anderson and his owners should be proud of his well-above-average performance this week.


Jarvis Landry

Many people were worried about how Landry would perform with Jay Cutler throwing to him. On Sunday, we were treated to an astounding 13 reception outing which is HUGE in PPR leagues. To go along with this, Landry managed 78 yards on his way to a Dolphins win over the Chargers. Overall, if you are not in a PPR league, Landry’s performance means less, but in Half-PPR and up leagues, Landry was one of the most satisfying performers of Week 2.

Jermaine Kearse

I said last week that if Kearse continued his production, he would be a huge PPR threat for the Jets. Kearse seems to be winning his trade from the Seahawks (even if the Jets aren’t), as he has already caught more than 25% the amount of receptions he had last year with the Seahawks (11 through 2 weeks this year, 41 all of last year). Against the Raiders, the receiver hauled in two scores to go along with 4 receptions for 64 yards. He is on pace for 88 receptions this year, so for a guy who is available in the majority of leagues, Kearse is a must-add and one of my top performers of the week.


 Travis Kelce

If only Kelce could stop getting flagged for Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties all time, he could be one of the best leaders in the NFL. Kelce has officially offered Rob Gronkowski a real opponent when people talk about the best TE in the league. This week, he was top five in receiving yards between WRs and TEs, and he also hauled in one TD on the way to a dramatic Kansas City win over the Eagles. If his dominance continues, Kelce could finish as the top Tight End in fantasy, so he is a definite winner this week.

Jason Witten

Did you know that Witten actually leads the league in receptions through 2 weeks? I’m surprised, and he is one of my favorite players! The old timer caught ten passes this week for 97 yards and a TD against Denver, and he would have had another score had he not dropped one late in the 4th quarter. Witten has now made this list 2 weeks in a row because of his consistency on post routes and in the short game. Here’s to hoping he is a winner every week!


Cody Parkey

Parkey nailed 4 FGs including a 54 yarder, accounting for 12 of the Dolphins 19 points. Without Parkey’s pinpoint accuracy, the Dolphins would have fallen to Los Angeles, so he is the definition of a winner.

Chris Boswell

Boswell also went 4/4  vs the Vikings, and although the Steelers didn’t necessarily need the points, the Pittsburgh kicker put up the same amount of points as Jarvis Landry in a Half-PPR league. Pretty strong performance. Easy winner.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As someone I know put it, “I might just start whichever defense plays the Bears all season.” This week that defense was that of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and they made the Bears look like the team we know and don’t love at all. Still, just because the Bears aren’t the best team, doesn’t mean the Bucs got lucky. Tampa Bay held Chicago to a goose-egg in the first half, in large part due to their run defense. This was Tampa Bay’s first game of the season, so they were fresh, but their defense easily established them as a playoff contender and made them the best performers of Week 2.

Atlanta Falcons

Credit the Falcons for coming up big against the Packers. This was a crucial game against arguably the best team in the NFC, and Atlanta still managed to shut Green Bay down. The defense also scored a touchdown off an Aaron Rodgers fumble, so they put up near double their projected points for the week. The success of the Falcons defense in the passing game has been surprising thus far, and makes them an easy winner this week.



Dak Prescott

Sadly, this was the first time Rayne Dakota Prescott looked overwhelmed in a game. The quarterback who only threw 4 picks through 17 games ended up throwing 2 vs the Broncos including a pick 6 late to help Denver seal their win. We have all come to expect more from #4, so this performance came as a surprise. Defenses have figured out that Dak loves to throw it short, and that is a big problem as they end up locking down Dez Bryant and force Dak into tough situations. Until the long play ability comes back to Dallas, Dak might be out of luck.

Kirk Cousins

You heard it here first! Cousins was listed as my “Sit Em” at QB, and Captain Kirk had another statistically underwhelming performance Sunday vs the Rams. People are going to look at his game winning drive, but those drives aren’t important in Fantasy. Let’s not forget that Kirk Cousins only threw for 179 yards and a touchdown, one of the worst performances for a quarterback this week. Cousins should not expect that big extension any time soon with the start he’s had to the 2017-18 season.


Ezekiel Elliott

9 touches for 8 yards. I want to think that this is more about the Broncos defense than Zeke. I want to think that this game is just a blip in what looks to be a great season for Elliott. Sadly, Zeke just didn’t look like he cared too much about the game vs the Broncos on Sunday, and it translated in his play. Luckily, the courts have once again ruled in favor of Elliott, denying the NFL’s recent motion against him, so hopefully, HOPEFULLY, Ezekiel Elliott can pick up the pace next week against the Cardinals.

Saints RBs

If you followed my instructions this week, then you didn’t go anywhere near starting anyone on the Saints because I said they would stink it up. Well, the backs in New Orleans proved me right with the top performer of all three of them, Alvin Kamara, only managing 6 fantasy points. This was against the Patriots defensive line whom only one week prior looked like a dumpster fire. This was yet another disappointing performance from the Saints backfield, and I don’t expect any major improvements next week vs the Panthers.


Brandin Cooks

By the 3rd quarter of New England’s bout vs New Orleans, the Pats only had two healthy wide receivers. STILL (!!!), Cooks only managed 2 receptions from Tom Brady, moving his season total up to only 5. Fantasy owners who used high draft picks on Cooks better hope his output improves. Otherwise, they are in for a long season.

Amari Cooper

The shadow of Michael Crabtree continues to loom large over Amari Cooper. On Sunday, Cooper scored only 5 fantasy points while Michael Crabtree hauled in 3 scores from Derek Carr. Let this be considered maybe as a “Winner” article for Crabtree who played amazingly vs the Jets and showed his true fantasy value. However, it seems that a win for one of the receivers means a loss for the other, so in this case, my loser is Amari Cooper.


Austin Hooper

As I said in the “Start Em, Sit Em” column earlier in the week, Hooper was doomed against the Packers defense. As I expected, the TE failed to copy his performance from last week and got only 2 receptions for 7 yards. I still think Hooper will have a nice season, but even 7 yards is less of an output than I expected.

Tyler Eifert

Eifert got 3 receptions. (meh.) Eifert got 42 yards. (meh.) Eifert got his back and knee injured vs the Texans. (Uh-oh! – Andy Dalton)


Younghoe Koo

This is the second straight week that Koo has had a game winning or game tying field goal either blocked or just flat out missed. If the Chargers want to win this season, they might have to start thinking about a more reliable kicker. Until then, Koo needs to step up his game big-time.

Connor Barth

1 XP. No FGA. Need I say more?


Jacksonville Jaguars

What did I say? “Sacksonville” became all but a thing in the past once the Jaguars were dismantled by the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. No need to fully get into this one. The Titans played very well, the Jags D did not. All that needs to be said is that the Jaguars defense scored negative points this week. If that doesn’t scream loser, I don’t know what does.

Minnesota Vikings

One player made the Vikes a loser for me this week, and that player is Steelers WR Martavis Bryant. The Vikings did a good job locking down Antonio Brown, but the Steelers just have too many weapons in the passing game. If the Vikings could have just stopped Bryant, they would have won, but their secondary simply didn’t get the job done. Perhaps the normally solid Minnesota defense can step up next week against the Buccaneers, but for now, they are my losers for Week 2.

Hope you all did well this week! As you can see, my predictions were spot on. Make sure to check back tomorrow and Wednesday for my weekly Positional Rankings and the Week 3 edition of Start Em, Sit Em.

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