2017-2018 NFL Week 3 Winners and Losers

I apologize for the late uploading of this week’s winners and losers, but the Cowboys were playing on Monday, so you know, priorities. All kidding aside though, TEs were terrible this week! So were the Raiders! Let’s talk more about that! Here are my Winners and Losers for Week 3 of the 2017-18 NFL season.



Kirk Cousins

Cousins finally had his first solid game of the season as he and the Redskins surprised everyone by demolishing the Raiders on Sunday Night Football. After truly stinking up the league in the first two weeks, Captain Kirk threw for 365 yards, 3 TDs and a 150.7 passer rating while leading the Redskins to win that tied them for first place in the NFC East. Cousins’ performance was MUCH needed, and without it, the Redskins quarterback would’ve been in some hot water leading up to this week. However, Cousins killed it, so he is my top winner at QB this week in the NFL. You like that?!

DeShaun Watson

Don’t let the fact that the Texans lost confuse you. Rookie Deshaun Watson had one of the week’s best performances and nearly beat Tom Brady. Sure he had 2 INTS, but the guy put up over 300 yards and 2 TDs vs Matt Patricia’s defense. Texans fans should be excited for the future because if their offense continues clicking and their defense steps up, Houston will be a force to be reckoned with in the AFC.


Jordan Howard

Jordan Howard has Tarik Cohen to thank for stepping out of bounds on his supposed game-winning TD run in overtime vs the Steelers on Sunday. Cohen stepping out allowed Howard to step IN-to the endzone and give the Bears the W. The game winner capped of Howard’s impressive day of 138 yards and 2 TDs, further establishing him as the Bears top RB and my top winner at Running Back this week.

Chris Thompson

If you are lucky enough to still have Thompson available in your league, them pick this kid up! This week against the Raiders, Thompson gained a total of 188 yards in the Redskins win, along with 1 touchdown in a dominant performance. I really like Thompson’s upside, as he seems to be the Redskins’ most reliable option in the slot and out of the backfield. So far this season, defenses have been no match for the speedy back, and although he barely missed being ranked as a winner last week, he definitely deserves the nod this week.


Brandin Cooks

Jarvis Landry and Brandin Cooks completely swapped positions this week, as last week, Landry killed it and Cooks sucked, while this week, Cooks killed it and Landry sucked. There is no denying that Cooks had a great game with 2 scores (including the game-winner) and over 130 yards. He finally found his stride with Tom Brady, and yet he is super inconsistent with New England. He is an easy winner for this week, but how will he perform for the rest of the season? HOPEFULLY this production will continue, but with Cooks, there is no way to tell.

TY Hilton

TY Hilton is lucky to have Jacoby Brissett. No one could have predicted that Hilton would have the game that he did. Most people had given up on the pro bowler, just waiting for Andrew Luck to return, but the superstar woke up this week with 7 receptions, 153 yards, and a TD against a terrible Browns defense and silenced his critics. What a performance, and what a game by Brissett and Hilton. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.


Marcedes Lewis

Did you start Marcedes Lewis this week? Neither did anyone else. Don’t start him next week though. Just don’t. I want to make sure everybody hears this. Don’t do it. Anyway, Lewis hauled in 3 TDs this week from Blake Bortles, and he played unbelievably. It would be impossible to not list him as a winner this week, as he had the best performance by far of any TE on Sunday. Still, although I’m not minimizing Lewis’s performance, he only had 4 receptions for 62 yards. The production will not continue. Don’t count on it in any way. However, if anything is going to make you a winner in fantasy, it’s 3 TDs, so…

Ryan Griffin

This was a slow week for TEs. No one was really a winner except for Marcedes Lewis, but Griffin had a pretty strong game. In his homecoming game, Griffin provided DeShaun Watson with a reliable target whom Watson took advantage of 5 times for 61 yards and a TD. He could actually prove to be a great talent in the Texans passing game, but like everyone, I am looking forward to next week when this column can go back to being about more prominent players. TEs were overall pretty slow this week.


Jake Elliott

The snap is good for the rookie Jake Elliott, the kick is up, (is it long enough?) and it’s good! Unbelievable! Jake Elliott from 61 yards and the Eagles have beaten the Giants! I don’t believe it! Only time I’ve ever rooted for the Eagles. Unbelievable kick. Great fourth quarter by the Eagles. Great game by this week’s winner, Jake Elliott.

Steven Hauschka

Steven Hauschka couldn’t have asked for a better week, as in standard leagues, the Bills placekicker scored 18 points. To put that in perspective, if Hauschka were a RB, he would have scored in top 10 for fantasy points this week. I pity anyone who played against him, for although Jake Elliott was a winner for his kick, Hauschka is a winner for completely dominating vs the Broncos.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Surprisingly in London this week, the dominating defense was not the Ravens, but the Jags. Jacksonville held a 2-0 team scoreless until three minutes to go in the 4th and that is truly remarkable. I really thought their defensive dominance wouldn’t last after week 1, but after this performance, Jalen Ramsey has some evidence to support his claim that the Jags have the best defense in the league.

Kansas City Chiefs

If I had to list every player that Philip Rivers has thrown an interception to, this article would be a hundred pages long. Rivers added to the list Sunday, throwing 4 INTs against the Chiefs and making them an easy winner for this week and likely weeks to come.



Derek Carr

This was a tough one for fantasy owners to watch, as the Raiders totaled the least amount of yards of any team this season. Derek Carr was held to the least amount of fantasy points of any major starter this week after being considered a stud after the first two weeks. I doubt the game will affect him in the long run, but it made him a loser for this week.

Cam Newton

Does the MVP slump normally carry over for a second season? It definitely has for Cam Newton whom can barely call himself a good fantasy quarterback these last few weeks. It’s not good that we’ve almost come to expect a bad performance from Newton week to week, and that alone makes him an easy loser.


Jay Ajayi

Ajayi was playing the Jets this week! He probably ran for close to 200 yards, right?! Wrong. If you subtract 184 yards from that though, you’d be spot on! Yeah. 16 yards vs the Jets. Yeesh!

Marshawn Lynch

It wasn’t just Derek Carr that the Redskins shut down. Beast Mode just turned into Least Mode in terms of rushing yards this weekend, and that continued his extremely slow start out of retirement. Not a good sign for fantasy owners when their ADP 3rd round RB takes two Ls in one week.


Jarvis Landry

As I said before, Cooks and Landry completely switched places this week. If you want to go back up and see what I said about Cooks, the opposite can be said for Landry. He got killed in PPR which means that non-PPR was even worse. Maybe the Jets are just the best team in the NFL and we don’t know it yet, but I find that very unlikely, so Jarvis Landry is on his own this week as a loser.

Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the Raiders are my biggest loser of the week. NBC can stop arguing over who is the better receiver, because both Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree combined for 2 points this week. You were truly unfortunate if you had one of these guys starting this week, but on the off chance that you had both……Oh my.


Eric Ebron

The woes of Eric Ebron can’t seem to come to an end. He was supposed to have a pretty strong opening to his season, but against Atlanta, he only managed 2 receptions for 9 yards. That is arguably the worst TE performance this week from a relatively big-name guy. Too bad for Ebron that he’s catching as many Ls this week as he did passes vs the Falcons.

Martellus Bennett

I’ll leave it to Andrew Siciliano to describe what Martellus Bennett is like on the Packers. While making a “Pulp Fiction” reference, Siciliano asked, “What does Martellus Bennett look like? He looks like a guy who can’t catch passes for Green Bay”. Sad but true. Sorry Martellus.


Justin Tucker

Not a single FGA attempt by Tucker this week! Not one! Vs the Jaguars! The best kicker in fantasy had no chances to show his skill, and that wasn’t really his fault, but as a kicker, there was nothing he could do.

Stephen Gostkowski

The top two kickers in the league, Justin Tucker and Stephen Gostkowski, both greatly under performed this week with the latter also getting zero FGA vs the Texans. What was going on this week with AFC South defenses?


Baltimore Ravens

Well I’ll be the first to say it, guys. I blew it big time. I had the Ravens as my top ranked defense this week, and they went DEEP into negative points vs the Jags in London. Still not sure what happened there. They were playing against Blake Bortles for god’s sake! What more can a defense ask for? Either way, there is no excuse for how they performed. They are a big, fat loser for this week.

Seattle Seahawks

It was supposed to be the Seahawks OFFENSE that made the team look bad, but the defense joined the club this week vs the Titans and never looked back. Where was the Legion of Boom on Sunday? I actually don’t have a witty pun to respond with, I just want to know. Anyway, they are big time losers for the time being.

Check back tomorrow and Thursday for this week’s rankings and my weekly “Start Em, Sit Em”. Also, be sure to keep checking back for possible game picks this week… Stay tuned!

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