2017-18 NFL Week 5 Start Em, Sit Em

The outcome of your Week 5 matchup can come down to a few tough decisions over who to put in your starting lineup. This list takes a look at who you should or should not take a risk on this week. A few notes for this week: 1. I’m banking on the Vikings against the Bears. Their passing game will be too much for Chicago, and I expect Stefon Diggs to have a great day, but more about that later. 2. I don’t trust anyone on the Dolphins this week. They just don’t look like a team that can score the ball, and I don’t think that will be any different against the Titans on Sunday. 3. Look for the Cowboys and the Packers to go at it big time in America’s Game of the Week on Sunday at 1:25. Plenty of storylines and big performances to see there. It should be a good one in Dallas. With that said, here is your Start Em, Sit Em report for Week 5 of the NFL season.


Start Em: Jameis Winston vs NE

It seems like every QB who has faced the Patriots this season has ended up posting career numbers. From Alex Smith to Cam Newton, the Patriots defense can not stop opposing quarterbacks. Winston is one of the hottest players in the NFL, and his unbelievably talented corps of wide-outs will ultimately lift him well over 300 yards this week vs New England. Winston’s success is not a guarantee, but this is the closest I can give to one this week.

Sit Em: Cam Newton vs DET

It doesn’t take a genius to know that Cam Newton has been very underwhelming so far this season. He took a break from his skid last week when he posted great numbers against the Patriots, but facing another 3-1 team this week in the Lions is going to be a challenge for Cam.  The Lions have a solid defense, and that is not something Cam Newton has faced so far this year. Also, the crowd will not be on his side after the comments he made yesterday during a presser, so sitting “Superman” this week looks like a smart route to take.


Start Em: Carlos Hyde vs IND

The NFL has to be kicking themselves after another terrible matchup like this one. Colts vs 49ers – Who’s ready? However, on a team as bad as the 49ers, Carlos Hyde still sticks out as a star. He’s been one of the most productive backs in the league so far this season, and against the Colts, I expect big numbers.  Indianapolis has a terrible defense. Hyde is primed for a 100 yard performance this week, so he is a must start at RB2 if not RB1.

Sit Em: Jay Ajayi vs TEN

Have you been wondering why you haven’t heard much about Ajayi the last two weeks? That’s because in the last two games, the Dolphins have combined for six points. That low point total means that Ajayi has failed to find the end zone in two consecutive weeks. The Dolphins are not a good team, and they’re placing too much strain on a Ajayi, a running back who seems to be pretty easy to shut down lately.  This might be a good time to trade Ajayi for a position your team needs more. Whatever you do, make sure Ajayi is sitting comfortably on your bench.


Start Em: Stefon Diggs vs CHI

Oh boy do I think Stefon Diggs going to have a great game!  I’m actually excited to watch the Vikings vs Bears game just because I think the Vikes are going to kill Chicago. Diggs has been the sleeper of the year so far,  and his production is no doubt going to continue against the terrible Bears defense.  Case Keenum will be taking advantage of him early on deep balls, and that is where points lie for a wide receiver. I have Diggs as my sixth ranked WR this week, so he is a must start in ALL leagues.

Sit Em: Jarvis Landry vs TEN

You know who else hasn’t been heard from lately on the Dolphins? Your friendly neighborhood Jarvis Landry!  We all know that Landry is normally deadly in PPR leagues, but all season, he has failed to rack up yards and even reach the end zone.  Until I see more production from him, I don’t know how he can even be considered for a starting role in your lineup. It’s too risky to play a guy who can only score between 3 and 10 points on a good day. Sit Em.


Start Em: Charles Clay vs CIN

This may surprise a lot of people, but as of the Rob Gronkowski injury on Thursday, Clay is ranked as my #3 TE this week vs Cincy. The Bengals defense is mediocre to say the least, and they clearly aren’t good enough to stop the surging Bills. Clay has been a consistent fantasy tight end over the last three weeks, and surprisingly, he is available on waivers in most leagues. I expect him to find the end zone again this week and rack up over 10 points in another great game for this newly reliable pass-catcher. He is one of my favorite players of the week, so he deserves a spot in your starting lineup.

Sit Em: Delanie Walker vs MIA

I don’t know why, but I just have a really bad feeling about Walker in this game. It’s not that he’s an unreliable TE, but with the position of QB in question for Tennessee, I just don’t see much production in Walker’s future. Also, without Marcus Mariota, it seems like the Titans can hardly move the ball, so as hard as it may be to do, I think it’s time to move Delanie Walker to your bench.


Start Em: Jake Elliott vs ARI

Jake Elliott looks like the new version of Justin Tucker. His distance and ability to make kicks under pressure is what will end up making him successful in the future. For this week, the Eagles will have an easy time moving the ball vs the Cardinals, so more trips to the Cardinals side of the field equals more points for Elliott. Do the math. Elliott is going to rack up some major points this week.

Sit Em: Giorgio Tavecchio vs BAL

As I said in last week’s “Winners and Losers” article, Derek Carr’s injury hurts everyone on the Raiders. Since I’ve said this before, I’ll keep it simple. The Raiders will be lucky to score 17 points against the Ravens. Tavecchio will have next to no chances to put the ball through the uprights, so until Carr comes back, you need to find a new kicker.


Start Em: Vikings vs CHI

Mitchell Trubisky is making his first career start this Monday night vs Minnesota, but that doesn’t change who the Bears are. Every defense who plays them kills it in fantasy, and this week will be no different. This will be another example of a rookie QB vs an experienced defense, and the expected outcome looks great for the Vikings.

Sit Em: Buccaneers vs NE

Although I like the Bucs in a possible upset over the defending champs, we can’t forget New England’s identity. The Pats are a high scoring offense, and even though I like the Tampa Bay defense, no one can stop Tom Brady. Overall, the Bucs are a good defense to keep on your team for the season, but against the Pats this week, it’s best to keep them on your bench.

That does it for my Week 5 tools to victory. Good luck this week, everyone!

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