2017-18 NFL Week 5 Winners and Losers

Here’s a summary for this weekend: Dak Prescott and DeShaun Watson were amazing, Garbage Time reigned supreme, and what happened to Ben Roethlisberger exactly? Anyway, here are my Winners and Losers from Week 5 of the 2017-18 NFL season.



DeShaun Watson

Let’s start this one off with a bang! Five Touchdown passes against the Chiefs! What a game! Watson really deserved to win this one because he played his heart out. One thing I would like to point out is the fact that, although padding his stats, even when the Texans were down 2 scores with almost no time left, the rookie stayed as poised as he was all game and fired two strikes down the field, ending the game with his fifth TD of the night. It was impressive to see Watson lead his team down the field like they were about to win the Super Bowl even when scoring meant nothing. That is something to keep an eye on. This kid is a superstar.

Dak Prescott

The Cowboys loss on Sunday means two things: Dallas has the worst defense in the NFL, but it has one of the league’s best quarterbacks, too! Forget the end of the game for a second and think back to some of the plays Prescott made down the field. What Dak did this week was show us that even when being criticized, the kid can still step up and have the most points of any QB this week other than DeShaun Watson. I belive in Dak Prescott, and you should too. He is a great young man, a fantastic leader in the NFL, and one of my fantasy winners this week at QB.


Leonard Fournette

Garbage time is now becoming one of the best places for position players to elevate their fantasy status from good the great! Padding your stats is one thing, but running for a 90 yard TD when you’re already up 2 scores is another, and that’s what Leonard Fournette managed to pull of late this weekend vs the Steelers. In just one play, the rookie scroed 15 points, clinched a win for his team, and became my top RB for Week 5.

Melvin Gordon

I just want to start the debate out there about whether Melvin Gordon is a better RB than Todd Gurley. It seems like Gordon is blossoming into one of the most consistent RBs in the league, and this weekend, even when LA’s running game was shot, he managed to haul in 2 scores in the passing game against the Giants. Gordon’s consistency just isn’t matched by Gurley, so although I’m not ready to take a stance on who is better, Melvin Gordon made a pretty convincing case this week.


AJ Green

I’m not going to lie. I had to play against AJ Green this week, and it sucked. The receiver once again in his career put up close to 200 yards to go along with a series of long receptions and multiple red zone targets for scores. Like many people this week, I wish I wouldn’t have had to play against him, but what are you going to do? Still, Green stole the show this week, and he is an overwhelming pick for my top winner at WR for Week 5.

DeAndre Hopkins

Another garbage time, stat padding touchdown!  With DeShaun Watson leading the Texans down the field at the end of the game, Hopkins managed to haul in his second touchdown of the day, giving him his best performance of the season so far.  Hopkins looks like he has a real connection with Watson, and if that is so, then he will be seeing his name on this list many times in the weeks to come.


Cameron Brate

Did I tell you or did I tell you?  Cameron Brate is a top 5 fantasy tight end through the first 5 weeks of the season. Are you surprised? I certainly am not. If you haven’t figured out by now that Cameron Brate is in must start at tight end, then you clearly haven’t been paying attention to his last three games. Brate has been Jameis Winston’s favorite target all season in the passing game, and he just doesn’t look like he’s going to slow down. He had another amazing game vs New England on Thursday, where he put up over 15 points in a half PPR League. If you managed to score Brate in your draft, great pick! If not, shame on you. (Not really. It’s ok. I can’t speak for Cameron Brate though.)

George Kittle

Kittle is only making this list because of what he did on the 49ers game tying drive late in the fourth quarter. The 49ers suck, but it was still thrilling to see a rookie tight end basically carry a team on his back and send the game to overtime. I doubt that Kittle will magically turn into a solid fantasy tight end, but he sure did this week, so good for him. Here’s a golden star. Top Banana.


Adam Vinatieri

The GOAT is back!  Vinatieri went 4 for 4 this week on field goals, and even nailed a 52-yarder. By hitting the game-winner, Adam Vinatieri showed that he is still clutch under pressure, and by nailing all four of those field goals, he showed no signs of any decline in talent. I love this guy, and he is an easy winner for this week.

Harrison Butker

2 games, two trips to the winner column!  This week, Harrison Butker added 5 more field goals to his stat line, and absolutely shredded the Houston Texans. It looks like the Chiefs won’t be needing Cairo Santos after all, and if Butker continues to make kicks, the Chiefs won’t need another kicker for a long time.


Jacksonville Jaguars

If you were smart, then you dropped the Jacksonville defense at the beginning of the week since they were playing the Steelers. Duh! Easy call, right? However, if you were even smarter, then you kept them in your starting lineup and got somewhere around 20 points, as they absolutely destroyed Pittsburgh.  This was one of the most improbable performances of the week, but credit the Jags. I think Jacksonville really is the best defense in the league, and if you don’t own them in your fantasy league, then find a way to. Not much more I can say here except that 5 picks off of a Hall of Famer is really something to be proud of. The Jaguars are easily my top winner for this week in fantasy.

Miami Dolphins

What a barn-burner this one was! Titans vs Dolphins!  the game of the year! No One expected this one to be high scoring, but if it was going to be, most people expected Tennessee to break out in Miami. This was not the case however, as the Dolphins had a very solid game defensively and shut down the ailing Matt Cassel.  Can the Dolphins find their groove and make a run at the AFC East title?  Only time will tell, but if their defense performs like they did this week, they might stand a chance.



Ben Roethlisberger

Five interceptions, no touchdowns, and 2 fantasy points. Oh my.

Eli Manning

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an entire receiving corps get hurt in one game, but as they say, there’s a first time for everything. Manning had absolutely no one to throw to on Sunday, and will likely have no one to throw to in the coming weeks. It’s going to be extremely hard for the Giants to get a win against anyone but the Browns now. Manning is a BIG loser this week, as his stats were well below average, and because they are unlikely to pick up anytime soon.


Carlos Hyde

I believe I had Carlos Hyde as my “Start Em” at running back this week.  Whoops.  If you were hoping for Carlos Hyde to play like a seventh-round rookie this week, then you got your wish, as he only put up four points vs Indianapolis.  I don’t really have an explanation for this one, as I just don’t see why Hyde didn’t have a career day. Either way though, his bad performance this week doomed him to be a loser.

Todd Gurley

Before his first quarter touchdown got called back, it looked like Todd Gurley was going to go off. Once it was however, Gurley played like he did all of last season: Like a bust. Gurley had his worst game of the season, putting up just 43 yards in a loss to the Seahawks. I expect that the talks of Gurley as MVP have died down. Good. The MVP shouldn’t be a loser.


Odell Beckham Jr.

Seeing OBJ cry while being carted off the field is an image I wish I could forget. Enough said. Get Well Soon from your friend at Dez-ed and Confused Fantasy Advice.

Doug Baldwin

Apparently Russell Wilson thought this would be a good week to start throwing the ball to Jimmy Graham. It’s great that Graham had a good game, but the Rams held Doug Baldwin to just 37 yards receiving, and if it hadn’t been for the strong Seahawks performance overall, Baldwin’s play could have plagued Seattle. Look for number 89 to pick up the pace this week against the 0-5 New York Giants.


Delanie Walker

I knew I had a bad feeling about Walker on Sunday. Matt Cassel had no interest in throwing the ball to his star TE, and if you followed my advice, your team was unaffected by Walker’s woes. If you didn’t though, then you were treated to the definition of a losing performance. Lackluster numbers from an otherwise great player. Walker better hope Mariota gets healthy soon.

Charles Clay

I still like Clay as a reliable fantasy TE, but Cincy took care of him very well during their upset over the Bills. The linebacking corps of Cincinnati really helped to slow Clay down, as he was held to just 31 yards on 2 receptions. Clay will look to put this game behind him, but although it’s in the past, he still gets a big L.


Nick Folk

I think that’ll do it for Nick Folk’s career. It was a good run, but 3 missed FGs is just unacceptable. Some of those kicks made me wonder if Folk was even qualified to be out there. The Bucs have officially replaced the kicker by placing him on IR and signing Patrick Murray, so overall, great career, but just a terrible way to end it.

Mason Crosby

Prior to missing two against the Cowboys, Mason Crosby had never missed a PAT. Crosby looked really out of sync vs America’s team. A possible sign of things to come???


Arizona Cardinals

Woah this was a bad one! Carson Wentz went all MVP on Arizona, and Bird Gang gave up 34 points. Yeesh. This one is pretty straight forward. This was a true losing performance all around, and I don’t even think trading for Adrian Peterson can help the Cards at this point.

Houston Texans

42 points. That is how many the Texans gave up against the future Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. At home. Subtract JJ Watt from the mix for the rest of the season, and the Texans are in big trouble. Get Well Soon, JJ. Your defense needs you back at full strength for next season.

Check back tomorrow and Thursday for this week’s position rankings, my weekly “Start Em, Sit Em”, and this week’s game picks.

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