2017-18 NFL Week 6 Start Em, Sit Em

The outcome of your Week 6 matchup can come down to a few tough decisions over who to put in your starting lineup. This list takes a look at who you should or should not take a risk on this week. A few notes for this week: 1. The Raiders are about to be upset by the Chargers. Don’t start anyone on Oakland. Seriously. Just don’t. 2. Watch Ty Montgomery’s injury closely. He may split snaps with Aaron Jones this week, so don’t expect him to perform any better than a FLEX on Sunday. 3. Bold Prediction: Ben Roethlisberger throws three more INTs vs the Chiefs. Is this the beginning of the end? With that said, here is your Start Em, Sit Em report for Week 6 of the NFL season.


Start Em: Deshaun Watson vs CLE

The rookie can play! Like I keep saying, DeShaun Watson looks like Dak Prescott from last season, but against the Browns, he will look like Tom Brady. I don’t think there is a quarterback in the league right now with more confidence than DeShaun Watson, and you don’t even need confidence to light it up against the Browns. 3 TDs at least. Close to 300 yards. One of the top QBs of the week.

Sit Em: Derek Carr vs LAC

There is nothing good about coming off an injury and immediately playing your rival. Derek Carr and the Raiders offense have been out of sync all season, and adding a slightly fractured vertebrae in Carr’s back is not going to help. These games are always tough for both teams, but LA has the upper hand especially because they are facing a quarterback who is bound to be rusty.


Start Em: Melvin Gordon vs OAK

Melvin Gordon had a fantastic day in fantasy last weekend, and he didn’t even get a rushing touchdown. I am calling the upset right now, and one of the reasons the Chargers are going to give it to the Raiders is because Melvin Gordon is going to have a day. I predict over a hundred yards and two total scores to go along with a Chargers win.

Sit Em: Christian McCaffrey vs PHI

Christian McCaffrey is a great young running back. Were the Panthers the right fit for him? Probably not. He scored his first NFL touchdown last week after failing to find the end zone in the first 4 weeks. Philly’s defense is too good to let McCaffrey score again this week, and he is not a running back who is going to put up over 70 yards. Until Carolina figures out what to do with the young stud, he needs to be on your bench.


Start Em: TY Hilton vs TEN

The day came last week when Jacoby Brissett and TY Hilton finally got going. Tennessee looks like a team that is out of sync. The Titans are going to win this game, but it looks like TY Hilton is the only offense that the Colts have. If last week is any indication, then Hilton is going to be just fine with Brissett throwing to him, and especially after racking up 177 yards, Hilton is in for another HUGE game.

Sit Em: Amari Cooper vs LAC

Amari Cooper is probably the bust of the fantasy draft so far. His quarterback isn’t healthy, he is dropping passes, and defenses would rather double him and let Crabtree run free than give him a chance 1 on 1. You already know that I think the Chargers are going to win this game, so it shouldn’t be hard to see where I’m coming from with this Cooper advice. He just hasn’t been productive at all this season, and he is too big of a risk to play vs a rival like the Chargers. You need to sit this man.


Start Em: Evan Engram vs DEN

Speaking of guys who are their team’s only offensive weapon, Evan Engram is the only fully healthy receiver on the Giants right now. He was already having a good season, and that was before Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepard, and Dwayne Harris got hurt. Manning is going to be looking for this guy all game, and although he may not always find him, Engram should be good for at least one touchdown and a bunch of yards.

Sit Em: Jared Cook vs LAC

Just don’t start anyone on the Raiders this week. Cook dropped a pass last week that would’ve been for a first down and then preceded to suck the rest of the game. Carr is hurt (I think I’ve said that enough), the Raiders are broken, and Cook is going to have a slow game on Sunday vs the Bolts. Sit Em.


Start Em: Harrison Butker vs PIT

Harrison Butker is the best kicker in football right now, and it helps that he’s on the best team too. Interestingly, Butker is available in many leagues when he should be coveted as the top kicker in fantasy. The Chiefs will score at least 30 vs Pittsburgh, and that means Butker is going to kill it. If he is available in your league, add him. If he’s on your team, start him.

Sit Em: Will Lutz vs DET

The Lions are going to play the Saints TOUGH. This will be a physical game with Detroit ultimately coming out on top, but in the process, Saints kicker Will Lutz will have a bad game. The Saints aren’t going to score very much, so Lutz won’t have many opportunities to be out on the field in the first place. Leave him out of your lineup.


Start Em: Broncos vs NYG

Any defense playing against a receiver-less squad is a must-start. The Broncos already have one of the best defenses in football, and this matchup will certainly help their standing. Peyton Manning is going to have mixed feelings watching his old team beat up on his brother. Hopefully he’s only laughing on Sunday because of some Nationwide commercials.

Sit Em: Steelers vs KC

What did I already say? Kansas City is going to put big numbers vs Pittsburgh. If the Jaguars can do it, then so can the undefeated Chiefs. The terrible towel will not be waving much this Sunday as the Steelers defense gets shredded.

That does it for my Week 6 tools to victory. Good luck this week, everyone!

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