2017-18 NFL Week 7 Start Em, Sit Em

The outcome of your Week 7 matchup can come down to a few tough decisions over who to put in your starting lineup. This list takes a look at who you should or should not take a risk on this week. A few notes for this week: 1. Loving the Cowboys’ matchups this week. Start as many of them as you can! 2. I’ve got a bad feeling about the Bucs this week. Not sure why. Just take my word for it. 3. Bold Prediction: Falcons blow a big lead vs the Pats on Sunday night. It’s going to be Super Bowl 51 all over again! With that said, here is your Start Em, Sit Em report for Week 6 of the NFL season.


Start Em: Dak Prescott vs SF

Even with the heartbreaking losses suffered by the Cowboys as of late, Prescott has been the sole success on a team of underwhelming fantasy performers. San Francisco’s defense has allowed plenty of huge games for QBs lately, and coming off a BYE, Prescott will absolutely be ready to lead Dallas to a great offensive performance this weekend. The kid is t  no wi Winston be wrong.my top ranked QB for the week, so I expect over 20 points from Prescott this Sunday when the Cowboys take on the Niners at 4:05 ET this Sunday.

Sit Em: Jameis Winston vs BUF

The fact that Winston had his helmet on after his injury last week and still didn’t play means that something has got to be wrong. Winston will not be at 100% this week vs Buffalo, and the Bills already have one of the toughest secondaries to face this season. Winston has been inconsistent the last three weeks, and I expect his streak to continue this week vs Buffalo.


Start Em: Leonard Fournette vs IND

Note: Fournette is not expected to play as of 10/21, so if he doesn’t go, watch Adrian Peterson for a second straight impressive outing vs the Rams.

If it weren’t for Kareem Hunt or DeShaun Watson, Fournette would be my pick for ROY. His prospects are definitely looking good this week vs the Colts, who have been absolute trash against the run this season. He will have at least one score and close to 100 yards if the Colts play well. If not, it’s going to be a long game for Indy.

Sit Em: Marshawn Lynch vs KC

Beast Mode has been anything but that so far this season. He only has 257 yards this season to go along with two scores. That’s just 42.8 YPG, and Kansas City is the best opponent the Raiders have faced this year. Jalen Richard might have to be called upon to step up if Lynch doesn’t show signs of the Hall of Famer in him sometime soon. No matter what though, the Chiefs are going to shut down Marshawn Lynch tonight. Sit him.


Start Em: Larry Fitzgerald vs LAR

I have had the distinct privilege (sarcasm) to be scorched by Fitzgerald TWICE already this season (not sarcasm). The Cardinals actually look like an exciting team right now, and a lot of that credit needs to go to Larry Fitzgerald. This has been a renaissance season for the old timer who really shows no sign of slowing down. He will always be Carson Palmer’s favorite target, and against the division rival Rams this week, Fitz is going to put on a show.

Sit Em: TY Hilton vs JAX

TY Hilton can have 27 points one week, and 2 points in another. 177 yards one week, and just 19 the next. Hilton is not a reliable guy to waste on putting in your lineup this week since he is so inconsistent, but let’s not forget who the Colts are facing on Sunday. The Jags have one of the top defenses in the league this year if not THE top, and the Colts are a very vulnerable team offensively this year. This may be a hard action to take, but you have to sit Hilton this week.


Start Em: Zach Ertz vs WSH

Ertz may be the best tight end in the league besides Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski. He runs routes like a WR, and he reminds me of a younger Jimmy Graham. Monday night is going to be a treat, as we will get to see the Redskins face off against the Eagles, and throughout the game, Wentz will target Ertz as much as possible. I like the Eagles in this one, and I definitely like Ertz in your starting lineup.

Sit Em: Jimmy Graham vs NYG

I’ve been waiting on Graham to break out his season for the Hawks, but the time has never come. The Giants suck, there is no doubt about it, but apparently so does Graham. So much for 12 TDs this season. I definitely don’t think he’ll be getting any this week sitting on your bench either.


Start Em: Kai Forbath vs BAL

Minnesota is going to make a run for the NFC North title starting this week vs the Ravens. The Ravens are on a downfall, and they have allowed an insane amount of points to bad teams this year. The Vikes are not a bad team, and you will see that with how many points Forbath scores this week. Minnesota is going to score a lot of points this week. Make sure you’re starting Kai Forbath when they do.

Sit Em: Mason Crosby vs NO

Missing Rodgers is going to kill the Pack. New Orleans has been the surprise of the NFC South so far this year, and did you see what they did last week vs a loaded Lions squad? The defense scored like crazy! With the Saints scoring more than their opposing offenses lately, Mason Crosby won’t have very many opportunities to even be on the field. Sit em.


Start Em: Titans vs CLE

Come on down to Cleveland town, everyone! Watch the Browns get killed by Tennessee! (Look up “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video” on YouTube to get the joke)…

Sit Em: Buccaneers vs BUF

I don’t know what it is about this one, but I hate this matchup for the Bucs. The Bills are on a roll offensively, and the Bucs just look, well, eh. I think that’s the best word for it. I like the Bills to win this one, and to make the Buccaneers defense pay. Keep them out of your lineup at all costs.

That does it for my Week 7 tools to victory. Good luck this week, everyone!

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