2017-18 NFL Week 7 Winners and Losers

Here’s a quick summary for this weekend: My “Start Em”s killed it, my “Sit Em”s did not. Who could have seen that coming? Anyway, here are my Winners and Losers from Week 7 of the 2017-18 NFL season.



Derek Carr

What a turnaround for Derek Carr! I was nervous about how he would perform in this game, but the former Fresno State QB saved his team from near irrelevance Thursday vs the Chiefs. This game could have made Carr’s season forgettable, but by posting 417 yards and 3 TDs along with the upset over KC, the QB got it done this week and earned my pick for this week’s winner at quarterback.


Ezekiel Elliott

Zeke’s previous career best game came last year against the Steelers when he put up 209 all-purpose yards and three touchdowns. Sunday against the 49ers, Zeke had a nearly identical performance with 219 yards and three more scores. His output was so close to that of his one against the Steelers that he even hauled in another screen pass that he took for more than 70 yards and a touchdown from Dak Prescott. Ezekiel Elliott showed that he will not be phased by his uncertain status from week to week. Huge performance for the kid. He is a true winner.


Amari Cooper

Talk about a guy who needed to play well this week. As I had said, Cooper has been the bust of the year so far in fantasy, but that all changed this week when he put up over 200 receiving yards and two touchdowns against the Chiefs. Do I think this output will continue? No. Are you automatically a winner in this column if you have the type of game that Cooper did against a team like Kansas City? Absolutely.


OJ Howard

It’s official. The Buccaneers have the best tight end corps in the league. Find me anyone who disagrees, and I will explain to them that even when Cameron Brate can’t manage to score touchdown, the Bucs can rely on performances such as the one on Sunday from OJ Howard. Howard was the top Tight End in fantasy this week after managing 98 yards and 2 TDs. He and Brate are such great compliments to Jameis Winston. By far the best performance by a rookie TE so far this year.


Kai Forbath

Even I can’t believe that my “Start Em” at kicker this week managed to put up the most points of any kicker in fantasy, but what do you know? Honestly, I’ll just take what I can get. The Vikings beat the Ravens in large part due to Forbath. Winner.


Chicago Bears

What a boring game this was. The only person this game wasn’t hard to watch for was Eddie Jackson who became the first player in NFL history to record two defensive touchdowns of 75 yards or more. That basically sums up this game and the utter dominance by the Chicago Bears defense against the Carolina Panthers. They’re double winners this week.



Carson Palmer and his owners

I hope this injury doesn’t end Palmer’s career, but I’m afraid breaking his arm could be a fatal blow. Not only did the Cardinals get destroyed by the Rams, but they may have lost their quarterback until about Week 15. If you barely squeezed by with Palmer as your starter, it’s time to hit up the waiver wire.


Jordan Howard

In the midst of a boring game, the Bears had no offense. Since Jordan Howard was a starter in almost every fantasy league this week, his 65 yards were a major disappointment. Not sure there’s much else to say other than that. Howard’s performance was enough to take over Marshawn Lynch’s spot as my top loser of week 7.


AJ Green

Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati was actually a decent game, but where was AJ Green? Just three receptions? 41 yards? He almost had as bad a game as TY Hilton. Don’t even get me started on him. This one isn’t necessarily Green’s fault, but it really doesn’t matter whose fault it is when it comes to putting up fantasy points. *cough cough* Loser.


Rob Gronkowski

This one is going to surprise a lot of people who didn’t realize that Gronkowski was even eligible to be on the losing side of this list, but think about it. As the Patriots were putting a beating on the Falcons, how many highlights did Gronkowski have? He didn’t have any touchdowns, and he only had three receptions for 51 yards. This performance was not normal for Gronk, but a losing performance is a losing performance. Gronk, if you’re reading this, sorry bro.


Dan Bailey

Jeff Heath had the same amount of point this week as Dan Bailey. 2 XP, no FGA. That’s it. Oh! And a pulled groin! Welcome to America’s Team, Mike Nugent. Let’s hope Dan Bailey heals up quickly, otherwise he might just lose his job… JK.


Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs scored negative points this week, and that is one thing you definitely don’t want to do in fantasy. At least they didn’t do as bad as the 49ers points-wise, but that shouldn’t really be what they’re aiming for overall. The 3 holding penalties at the end of the TNF game were questionable for sure. Should they have been called? You be the judge.

Check back tomorrow and Thursday for this week’s position rankings, my weekly “Start Em, Sit Em”, and this week’s game picks.

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