2017-18 NFL Week 8 Start Em, Sit Em

The outcome of your Week 8 matchup can come down to a few tough decisions over who to put in your starting lineup. This list takes a look at who you should or should not take a risk on this week. A few notes for this week: 1. Upset of the Week: Houston over Seattle. 2. Mark Ingram is going to be the man this week. If you need a boost at running back, look no further than the man in NOLA. 3. Bold Prediction: Carson Wentz throws for 500 yards vs the 49ers. Or he gets pulled before the 4th quarter. Either way. With that said, here is your Start Em, Sit Em report for Week 8 of the NFL season.


Start Em: Carson Wentz vs SF

Next week I will be putting out my Midseason-Awards article, and don’t be surprised if Carson Wentz is on there. I told you last week to start Dak Prescott vs the Niners, and he killed it. Wentz faces San Francisco this week, and he was the only quarterback last week to score more fantasy points than Dak Prescott. The Eagles look like the best team in football, and the Niners do not. San Fran just doesn’t have the defense to stop Wentz. Start him big time.

Sit Em: Russell Wilson vs HOU

I’m going to pick this as my “upset” of the week. This is not the same Seahawks team that we’re accustomed to seeing. They nearly blew it against the Giants, in large part due to the play of Russell Wilson. Wilson has been under-performing astonishingly this season, and the Houston defense looks like it might finally start getting on a roll. I like the Texans in this one, and I definitely don’t like Russell Wilson in your starting lineup.


Start Em: Mark Ingram vs CHI

This one is a real stretch. If I predict this correctly, and Mark Ingram goes for over a hundred yards and a touchdown vs the Bears, then I will be very happy with myself. It’s something about this matchup for Ingram that, without Adrian Peterson, makes me think that the Alabama alumnus could be one of the top performers at running back this week. This is going to be a high scoring game for at least one of the offenses, and if it’s going to be anyone, it will be the Saints and Mark Ingram. Don’t let him be on your bench come game time on Sunday.

Sit Em: CJ Anderson vs KC

Talk about a season that’s gone downhill fast. CJ Anderson has gone from being one of the best players in fantasy, to being downright Mr. Irrelevant. There’s not much analysis that comes with this one other than the fact that Anderson has not played nearly as well as he did earlier in the season, and against a team like the Chiefs who are looking for a major comeback after two straight losses, he just isn’t going to have a good game. Sit em.


Start Em: Dez Bryant vs WSH

Oh boy am I excited for this game! Dez Bryant may not be matched up against Josh Norman like Samsung is hoping, but Bryant has a tendency to feed on defenses in division rivalry games like this one. Dez has yet to have a breakout game this season, but he has still been consistent in the touchdown category. One of those things is going to change this Sunday, and I find it pretty likely that we get to see Bryant’s first 100-yard game of the season.

Sit Em: Amari Cooper vs BUF

If Cooper comes out against the Bills this week and has a performance like he did vs the Chiefs last Thursday night, then I will officially think that he is back to normal form. However, Cooper’s game against Kansas City looks like it was just a small blip on a map of poor games from Cooper this season. Don’t believe the hype yet. Keep Cooper out of your lineup.


Start Em: Hunter Henry vs NE

New England’s defense is not good. Are the Chargers good? Who knows?  The Bolts probably cannot beat the Patriots, but they sure can score a few touchdowns against them. I expect at least one of those to be from Hunter Henry. What more can you ask for from a tight end?

Sit Em: OJ Howard vs CAR

This is a hard one. I like OJ Howard. I really do, but who is going to get targeted more: Cameron Brate or Howard? It’s anyone’s guess this point in the season, but I’ll take Brate in this one. Sorry, Juice. Oh wait. Wrong guy?


Start Em: Jake Elliott vs SF

Must get points. Points equal kicks, kicks equal more points, more points equal wins. That’s the most simplified version of this prediction that I can give to you. The Niners don’t stand a chance. They’re gonna get torched by an Elliott for the second straight week.

Sit Em: Blair Walsh vs HOU

Like I said for Russell Wilson, I don’t like Seattle in this one. I say the Seahawks score 17 points at most, and that’s only five points for Blair Walsh in standard fantasy leagues. Not good. Sit him.


Start Em: Vikings vs CLE

Maybe I’m just being unfair to the Browns. Or maybe I’m not. I’m definitely not. The Browns are used to losing. They just find a way to do it by any means necessary. The Vikings defense is used to winning. Come one y’all. This is a no-brainer.

Sit Em: Broncos vs KC

This is a comeback game for the Chiefs. Points will be scored. A lot of them. Don’t let the last two weeks fool you. The Chiefs are great team, and apparently, the Broncos are not. Don’t make the mistake starting the over-hyped Broncos defense this Sunday against the (future Super Bowl Champion?) Chiefs.

That does it for my Week 8 tools to victory. Good luck this week, everyone!

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