2017-18 NFL Week 8 Winners and Losers Special Edition – Mid-Season Awards

Hi Everyone! This week for my “Winners and Losers” column, I wanted to treat you all to a special article about my mid-season picks for MVP, OROY, etc., and I’m excited to give my opinion on who the best players have been in the NFL through the first 8 weeks of the season. With no further ado, here are my Mid-Season Awards for the 2017-18 NFL Season.

Most Valuable Player: Carson Wentz (7-1 record, phenominal play)

Coach of the Year: Sean McVay (unlikely success, young coach, young team)

Offensive Player of the Year: Todd Gurley (comeback from a bad year, very versatile)

Defensive Player of the Year: DeMarcus Lawrence (mad dog on D, averaging 1.5 spg)

Offensive Rookie of the Year: DeShaun Watson (more consistent than Hunt, elite QB)

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Jamal Adams (lock-down player in secondary for NYJ)

Comeback Player of the Year: Derek Carr (putting up great numbers after a broken leg)

Walter Payton Man of the Year Award: JJ Watt ($37 million raised in hurricane relief)

NFL.com Fantasy Player of the Year: Kareem Hunt (averaging 19.38 ppg in 1/2 PPR)

Let me know who you all think of for your Mid-Season awards. You can find my information in the “Contact”. This has been a great season so far, and I look forward to the rest of it!

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