2017-18 NFL Week 9 Start Em, Sit Em

The outcome of your Week 9 matchup can come down to a few tough decisions over who to put in your starting lineup. This list takes a look at who you should or should not take a risk on this week. A few notes for this week: 1. Upset of the Week: Indianapolis over Houston. 2. Adrian Peterson will return to form again this week and get close to 100 yards vs the Niners. You heard it here first. 3. Bold Prediction: Brock Osweiler gets taken out before the 4th quarter vs the Eagles this Sunday. Just you watch. With that said, here is your Start Em, Sit Em report for Week 9 of the NFL season.


Start Em: Derek Carr vs MIA

It’s not good when Adam Gase says that his team is the worst in the league. Also, this game is the last chance for the Raiders to get their season back on track, and against the team as awful as the Dolphins (according to Gase), Carr will have a field day. I see him throwing for close to if not more than 300 yards and 2 TDs, so he is a must start for this week.

Sit Em: Jameis Winston vs NO

I like Jameis Winston as a fantasy quarterback, but I also know that he is not many people’s starter on a weekly basis, so my advice on him matters. The Saints are rolling, and the Buccaneers are trending in the exact opposite direction that they want to. Winston can be good for 18 points or more on good weeks, but he has also shown that he can put up 2 point performances whenever he feels like it, so because of his unpredictable play and a tough matchup this week, you’ve got to sit him.


Start Em: Aaron Jones vs DET

Ty Montgomery owners are hoping that the rise of Aaron Jones stops pretty soon. However, with of the Green Bay offense all out of sorts, this kid provides the only spark that they have. Detroit is a good defense, and they will probably win this game, but Aaron Jones is the only offense that the Packers have, so he’ll be good for at least one touchdown and 70 yards. He’s the closest to a sure thing out of any running back this week.

Sit Em: Jay Ajayi vs DEN

Jay Ajayi has stunk up the joint so far this year for the Dolphins, but maybe he might do better on the Eagles. Still, you can’t start a guy who just got traded (unless that guy is Adrian Peterson). As intriguing as Ajayi may be in a Philly uniform, his performance is most likely going to be a forgettable one rather than one on his highlight reel. Sit him.


Start Em: Paul Richardson vs WSH

Richardson has slowly made his way into the top 15 fantasy wide receivers so far this season. This comes as a major surprise, as many expect Doug Baldwin to get the most touchdowns for the Seahawks every season, but with Richardson becoming Russell Wilson’s favorite wide out target in the red-zone, PR has quickly become one of the most interesting cases in fantasy. I say play him this week against a broken Washington Redskin squad because the Seahawks will have many trips to the red-zone. If Richardson is open, Wilson will find him.

Sit Em: Demaryius Thomas vs PHI

Blooooowout. Philly is going to kill the Broncos, and guess who Demaryius Thomas will have throwing to him on Sunday? That’s right. The golden boy: Brock Osweiler. I’ll say it again: Brock Osweiler. Sorry Demaryius, you don’t stand a chance vs the Philly D.


Start Em: Jack Doyle vs HOU

Jack Doyle has been picking up more targets as of late, and against Houston who just lost their best player and JJ Watt, the Colts will finally have a chance to control Time of Possession. If you need a reliable tight end this week who will be good for about 7 points or more, look no further than Doyle. Brissett loves him, he’s a tough cover, and he can make crucial catches when needed. Start em.

Sit Em: Jimmy Graham vs WSH

One game Graham has a touchdown, the other he has only one catch. It will be a pleasant surprise if Graham has 4 or more receptions vs the Skins, and coming from a guy who loves Graham, that means something. Seattle will win the game, and if you don’t sit Graham, you will lose in fantasy.


Start Em: Will Lutz vs TB

If there’s anything we know about NFC South matchups, it’s that they are normally high scoring affairs. Like I always say: the best way to know who to start at kicker is to know which team will be scoring the most. I love the Saints’ matchup vs the Bucs this week, so in turn, I love Lutz too (I LOVE LUTZY is totally a show I would watch @abc).

Sit Em: Brandon McManus vs PHI

Whereas the Saints will have Drew Brees leading his team to a lot of points, the Broncos will have Brock Osweiler. I swear I don’t know how this guy is getting payed to throw footballs and Colin Kaepernick isn’t. Anyway, the Broncos don’t stand a chance against Philly, so with few points, neither does McManus.


Start Em: Rams vs NYG

Two Words: Eli. Manning.  A defense’s best friend. Three picks is my prediction, but who knows? It could be more. If the Rams defense finishes with less than 8 points this week, then I will be shocked, and in the words of Forrest Gump, that’s all I have to say about that.

Sit Em: Bills vs Jets

Nothing like the lights of MetLife field to bring out the worst in a defense. Josh McCown has been playing well lately, so that will be something for the Bills to watch out for, and if either Forte or Powell can get it going, the Jets might have a chance. I just don’t see too many opportunities for the Bills D to get points this week. Best keep them out of your lineup.

That does it for my Week 9 tools to victory. Good luck this week, everyone!

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