2017-18 NFL Week 9 Winners and Losers

Here’s a summary for this weekend: The Cowboys are rolling, the Saints have a better scoring defense than most offenses in the league, and DeShaun Watson’s injury is a real bummer. Get well soon, man.  Anyway, here are my Winners and Losers from Week 9 of the 2017-18 NFL season.



Jared Goff

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Rams are actually the second best team in the NFC. Could we possibly see a Goff v. Wentz NFC Championship. I don’t know and I don’t think so, but Goff is clearly coming into his own in LA. He has Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods’ speed to thank for his big day Sunday, but none the less, his performance was huge (311 yards and 4 TDs). Maybe he was the right pick at #1 last year after all.


Alvin Kamara

Mark Ingram needs to legitimately watch out because the Saints coaching staff seems to be seeing what everyone else is seeing in the form of Alvin Kamara being a ridiculously crafty RB. The Bucs had no answer for the rookie, and that is all thanks to his tenacious running style. Congrats on the W this weekend, Alvin. Here’s another one.


TY Hilton

He’s still unpredictable. He’ll probably only get 2 receptions next week. He’s lucky the Texans defense didn’t touch him on that 80-yd TD. Still, 5 receptions for 175 yards and 2 TDs is about the best anyone can do, so TY had no trouble becoming my winner at WR this week.


Julius Thomas

I took a wild guess and said that Thomas would be good for a TD this week and I was right. Although Miami didn’t pull out a win, Thomas reestablished himself Sunday night as a legitimate offensive presence, and that is something to be proud of. At least he gets one win this week.


Greg Zuerlein

If there was an award for the best kicker in the league through 9 weeks, it’d be Greg the Leg. Another 15 point performance and a dominant win by the Rams is more than enough to etch Zuerlein into the “Winner” column this week.


New Orleans Saints

The Saints score TDs on offense and defense almost weekly now. If these guys are available in your league, then pick them up. That’s all I can really say other than the Saints are my easy and obvious winners this week on D/ST.



Jameis Winston

Winston’s chance of being a solid fantasy QB this year came to an end this week vs the Saints, as he got injured and only managed 3 points. Since he’ll be out for a while, the Bucs’ season is over. There is no loss for Winston (fantasy-wise) bigger than that.


LeSean McCoy and Kareem Hunt

Both Hunt and McCoy were completely taken care of by their opposing defenses, and neither managed to find the endzone. They were both ranked in my top 5 this week respectively, but there is no staying out of the “Loser” column when you only gain enough yards for 8 fantasy points or less. Sorry guys.


Will Fuller V

Tom Savage apparently hates throwing to Will Fuller, or he at least makes it seem that way. With DeShaun Watson out for the season, Fuller showed signs this week of returning to mediocrity. Too bad. Major loss.


Cameron Brate

Winston’s injury is bad news for Brate since he only seems to get targets when his normal QB is on the field. Brate only hauled in one catch this week which is abnormal since he has been so productive as of late. Don’t expect his output to become any better with Ryan Fitzpatrick at the helm for an extended period of time.


Harrison Butker

Having your offense get halted is a good way to blow it in fantasy. Butker nailed every opportunity he got this week, but there just weren’t enough of them vs the Cowboys as Alex Smith and company got defeated. 5 points isn’t enough to carry a team, so Butker winds up on the Losers’ list this week.


Buffalo Bills

As my “Sit Em” last week, I didn’t expect much from the Bills D against a mighty Jets offense, and my doubts were proved valid, as New York took it to Buffalo on Thursday night. There was little energy shown by the Bills team as a whole on TNF, but due to a lack of big plays and an average total of 0 points in fantasy leagues this week, the Bills are my defensive loser.

Check back tomorrow and Thursday for this week’s Position Rankings, my weekly “Start Em, Sit Em”, and this week’s Game Picks.

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