2018-19 NFL Week 14 Start Em, Sit Em (Playoffs Edition)

Realistically, only 4-6 are still paying attention in each fantasy league, so rather than comment on players who are unlikely to be on the rosters of the top 4-6 teams, I will leave you all with a few tips that will hopefully allow you to bring home the gold in the coming weeks…

Start Em, Sit Em Tips:

  • Stick with who you know – The Fantasy playoffs are not necessarily a great time to make any crazy lineup changes. The only positions you should even consider tinkering with at this point are Tight End, RB2, and Flex. Stick with who has gotten you where you are, and that should be enough.
  • Touchdowns aren’t everything: If you’re like me, and you are part of a full PPR league, then you know that touchdowns don’t always mean wins. Be sure to make sure the player you start has a high snap count and usage rate! For example, just because Jordan Howard might run for a touchdown when the Bears have first and goal from the one yard line, doesn’t mean you should bench the superior Tarik Cohen. Think about it!
  • DON’T PANIC ABOUT PROJECTIONS: So you just looked at the top of your screen and saw that Ron from accounting is projected to beat you by 10 points. You freak out and start inferior players from your bench, just so that everyone thinks you might have a chance to beat him based on your projections. As it turns out, if you had kept your previous starters in your lineup, you would have actually won by 14, but now, you’ve lost by 12. IT HAPPENS! Listen. Projections mean nothing. Start who you are comfortable starting. There is no shame in losing, so why risk it anyway by making any major changes to your lineup just because some algorithm says you should?

That does it for my Week 14 tools to victory. Good luck this week, everyone!

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